Pregnancy: Misdiagnosis

The management of pregnancy is a major medical issue and there are various diagnostic concerns. See your doctor for the management of your health during pregnancy.

Undiagnosed Pregnancy. It is rare for a pregnancy to go totally undiagnosed, although it has apparently happened. It is more likely for a woman to fail to identify the pregnancy in its early stages, assuming it is some other medical condition such as irregular periods, skipped period, peri-menopause, and so on.

Not Pregnancy. It is possible that you are not pregnant. Some of the symptoms of pregnancy are also symptoms of other conditions. Other possibilities include:

Pregnancy Complications. There are a variety of complications of pregnancy that are difficult to diagnose, or may be misdiagnosed, such as:

There are many other issues about pregnancy. This discussion has only touched on some of the points. Discuss all aspects of pregnancy with your doctor.

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