Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma: Overview

Acute closed-angle glaucoma is a rapid and extremely serious form of glaucoma, where the eye’s internal pressure suddenly becomes too high. Acute glaucoma is a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment to prevent permanent blindness in the affected eye. Symptoms include severe eye pain, eye redness, blurred vision, and eyebrow pain. The symptoms may occur in attacks, often at night, that may resolve and then recur. Nausea and vomiting may occur in severe attacks. Immediate treatment is required, even though the attacks may subside. Causes of acute glaucoma may include eye injury, eye infection, and sometimes no cause may be apparent. Emergency treatment includes various types of eye-pressure lowering medications and eye surgery if appropriate. Acute glaucoma is less common than the slower-progressing but insidious Chronic Glaucoma. It is also possible to have High IOP without glaucoma.

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