Misdiagnosis of Allergies

Allergies can be undiagnosed or in some cases can be misdiagnosed as another disorder.

Undiagnosed Allergies: Not everyone is aware initially of their allergies. Children may have undiagnosed allergies which are only detected on the first exposure to an allergen (e.g. bee stings, peanut allergies). In some cases, the allergy to a substance may build up over time with multiple exposures gradually leading to allergies.

Misdiagnosed Airborne Allergies: Sometimes pollen allergies or other types of allergic rhinitis can be initially diagnosed as another respiratory disorder. And the reverse is also possible. There are numerous possible causes of a runny nose, watery eyes, and similar symptoms. Allergies need to be carefully considered, but so too do a variety of infectious respiratory infections.

Misdiagnosed Food Allergies: The allergic reaction to foods is not always correctly diagnosed. And in some cases, it may actually be a non-allergy disorder such as a food intolerance, hypersensitivity reaction, or other food-related disorder (e.g. celiac disease).

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