Bulimia Nervosa: Overview

Bulimia Nervosa, also often just called Bulimia, is an Eating Disorder characterized with bouts of binge eating, followed sometimes by intentional vomiting. The person, usually a young woman, may generally have an obsession with issues of food, weight gain, body size, and body shape. Binge eating brings on feelings of guilt and anxiety about weight gain, and is then often followed by vomiting, laxative abuse or frantic exercise. Differential diagnosis needs to consider other similar disorders such as Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Depression, other types of Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders, and other associated disorders. Severe weight loss and emaciation are more common with Anorexia Nervosa than Bulimia. Complications of Bulimia include abdominal pain, chemical imbalances, muscle spasms or seizures, complications of acid regurgitation in recurrent vomiting (e.g. hoarse voice, tooth damage), menstrual disorders, and long-term complications of the heart and kidneys.

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