Misdiagnosis of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a paralysis of certain stomach nerves which causes a variety of digestive issues. Various other disorders can cause similar symptoms and need to be considered.

Chronic Digestive Problems: Various chronic digestive disorders can cause similar symptoms. Diabetic Gastroparesis needs to be compared with a number of other possible chronic digestive conditions.

Other Causes of Gastroparesis: Diabetes is not the only cause of gastroparesis, and in fact, is not the most common cause of gastroparesis. Caused related to the stomach muscles are also possible. Read more about: Diagnosis of Gastroparesis.

Not Diabetic Gastroenteritis: Note that “diabetic gastroparesis” is a real complication of diabetes, whereas “diabetic gastroenteritis” is not really a valid medical complication, although a person can of course have both diabetes and gastroenteritis at the same time.

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