Misdiagnosis of Leukemia

Undiagnosed Chronic Leukemia: The early signs of some forms of chronic leukemia are quite mild, and may remain undiagnosed for some time.

Acute Leukemia and Anemia: Acute forms of leukemia usually have a more rapid onset of symptoms, and there is less likelihood of a delayed diagnosis. Early symptoms are often those of anemia, because the cancerous over-production of white blood cells crowds out the body’s ability to produce healthy red blood cells. Since anemia has many causes, there is the possibility of being diagnosed with Anemia, but with a different cause of the anemia, with the underlying leukemia only being discovered later. Other symptoms such as poor immunity (from the crowding out of healthy white blood cells), easy bruising or bleeding easily (mimicking bleeding disorders), unexplained fever, bone pain, joint pain and other symptoms, are not always quickly associated with leukemia. Not all cases of acute leukemia have enlarged lymph nodes. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) may have symptoms of brain involvement such as headaches, vomiting and general irritability.

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