Misdiagnosis of Lupus

Undiagnosed SLE: The diagnosis of SLE is extremely difficult, is often delayed, and misdiagnosis is common. Blood tests can confirm SLE, but it is often some time before testing for SLE is considered. Many of the early symptoms of SLE mimic a simple viral infection (e.g. fever, chills, tiredness, etc.).

Other Diseases with Similar Facial Rash. The ďbutterfly rashĒ of lupus across the nose and cheeks can be similar to other diseases that have a similar rash.

  • Rosacea. The rash of rosacea typically covers the nose and cheeks.

Other Diseases with Vague Symptoms: There are also many other disorders and diseases that also have mild or vague symptoms:

Other Causes of Finger Symptoms: The symptoms of the hands and fingers, such as cold sensitivity of the fingers are similar to some other disorders, such as Raynaudís Syndrome.

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