Types of Pneumonia

One lung or both? Pneumonia is sometimes categorized according to whether one or both lungs are affected. “Single pneumonia” refers to infection of a single lung; “Double pneumonia” refers to infection in both lungs.

Pneumonia Categorized by Lung Region: There are three main types of pneumonia according to which part of the lung is infected: lobar pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, and interstitial pneumonia. The distinction between these three types is mainly of interest to doctors, and often reflects the different appearances on chest x-rays. Symptoms are similar for all three types of pneumonia.

  • Lobar pneumonia. This refers to infection in a lobe of a lung.
  • Bronchopneumonia. This refers to inflammation through the smaller air passages.
  • Interstitial Pneumonia. This refers to pneumonia that affects the connective tissue around the air spaces.

Pneumonia Infectious Agent: There are several types of pneumonia when categorized by the type of microbe causing the disease:

  • Bacterial pneumonia (most common type)
  • Viral pneumonia (also common)
  • Fungal pneumonia (caused by fungi; uncommon)
  • Protozoan pneumonia (caused by single-cell animals; uncommon)
  • Other rare types: such as pneumonia caused by Plague, or Rickettsial infections such as Q Fever.

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