Reflux: Overview

Reflux is the regurgitation of stomach contents into the mouth (acid reflux), usually along with a particular type of epigastric chest pain (behind the breastbone) called heartburn. Symptoms include acid in the mouth, regurgitation of acid or food, bad taste in mouth, and also heartburn (chest pain behind the breastbone). Chronic recurring reflux is called GERD. Additional symptoms may include sore throat, hoarse voice, and breath odor. Complications of reflux include Esophagitis (Barrett’s Esophagus), Esophageal Stricture, and Peptic Ulcers. Hidden causes of reflux may include stomach disorders (e.g. gastric motility disorders) or gastrointestinal blockages. Heartburn needs to be distinguished from other causes of chest pain (e.g. heart attack, angina, lung disorders).

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