Type 2 Diabetes: Overview

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and the less severe of the two most common forms. It is also sometimes called Adult Diabetes because this type is typically diagnosed in adults (whereas Type 1 Diabetes is more common in children). Its proper medical name is Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). Type 2 Diabetes is typically diagnosed in the 40’s or 50’s (or later), but of recent years has also been found more often in younger adults and teens. Type 2 Diabetes can often be treated with diet/exercise in its early stages, with diabetes pills in later stages, and then finally with insulin in more severe cases. Progression of Type 2 Diabetes can be slowed or sometimes reversed by aggressive changes in diet and exercise. A patient who successfully loses weight and starts exercising regularly may appear to effect a “cure”, although the disease is not really permanently cured in this case; it is simply dormant. Nevertheless, lifestyle changes are important and the main benefit in that case would be the avoidance of the many nasty complications of diabetes which can often shorten the life of a diabetic. Misdiagnosis of diabetes is unlikely since it is a well-known disease with fairly definitive tests (blood glucose tests), but there can be some difficulty in correctly diagnosing between the two main types of diabetes.

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