Caraway Seed

What are the active ingredients of Caraway Seed?

The active ingredients in Caraway Seed include:

  • Caraway Seed

What class of drug is Caraway Seed?

Caraway Seed belongs to the class of drugs:

Drugs with this Active Ingredient

The drugs that contain this as an active ingredient include:

  • Caraway Seed
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Available Forms

The available forms from suppliers in the USA include:

  • Injections


Injection forms from suppliers in the USA:

Caraway Seed Information Guide

Generic Name of Caraway Seed:
Caraway Seed
Availability of Caraway Seed:
Prescription Drug

Caraway Seed is a prescription drug that belongs to the pharmacologic class of:

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Product Formulation Information: Caraway Seed

Company that labels Caraway Seed:
Nelco Laboratories, Inc.
Strength of Caraway Seed:
0.05 g/mL
Form of Caraway Seed:
Injection, Solution
How is Caraway Seed taken?
Date that Caraway Seed is effective:
29th August, 1972


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