Causes of Abdominal Pain

Simple or Common Causes of Abdominal Pain: Some of the more common causes of abdominal pain may include:

Causes of Acute Gastrointestinal Pain: A number of issues may be causing the abdominal pain:

Chronic Digestive Disorders: Numerous different chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal system can cause abdominal pain:

Urinary Disorders: Various disorders of the urinary system, such as infection, may cause abdominal pain:

Female Reproductive Disorders: Various internal disorders of the female reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.) can cause abdominal pain.

Liver Disorders: A disorder of the liver may cause abdominal pain, such as:

Biliary System Disorders: Various disorders of the pancreas or gall bladder can cause abdominal pain:

Cardiovascular Causes: Disorders of the heart and the circulatory system can sometimes cause abdominal pain. Heart and vascular disorders that cause abdominal pain include:

Lung Disorders: Disorders of the lungs can sometimes cause abdominal pain:

Other Causes:

There are many other causes of abdominal pain. Consult a doctor for a full diagnosis.

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