Causes of Balance symptoms

Simple Causes: Various simple causes of dizziness include:

Fainting: Many of the causes of fainting will also cause dizziness or vertigo prior to the faint. Read more about: Causes of Fainting.

Ear Disorders: various disorders of the ear can affect the balance organs in the inner ear, causing dizziness and vertigo. Causes include:

Vision Disorders: Some types of vision disorders may cause dizziness as an additional symptoms. Visual information is used by the brain to aid in balance and hence abnormal vision can sometimes give the effect of dizziness.

Systemic Disorders: Some of the various systemic and metabolic disorders causing dizziness include:

Heart and Circulatory Disorders: various disorders of the heart, the lungs, or the circulatory system can cause dizziness:

Blood Pressure Disorders: Low blood pressure can cause dizziness, and often also fainting. Causes of dizziness include:

Low Blood Volume: Having not enough blood can cause low blood volume and hence hypotension.

Lung and Breathing Disorders: Lack of oxygen can cause dizziness. There are usually other symptoms such as cyanosis. Various possible causes include:

Brain Disorders: various disorders of the brain can cause dizziness:

Psychological Disorders:

Infectious Diseases: Sometimes an infectious disease may be serious enough to cause dizziness:

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