Causes of Dizziness

Causes of dizziness range from minor disorders to life-threatening causes. The cause may relate to the ear (balance organs), the brain, nervous system, or other causes.

Dizziness vs Vertigo: The first step is to determine whether it is true dizziness, versus vertigo. The sensation of vertigo is where a person perceives motion, such as a spinning room or lateral motion. Dizziness means the feeling of lightheadedness, rather than of motion.

Vertigo: Some of the causes of vertigo include:

There are other causes, so see the: Causes of Vertigo.

Acute Dizziness: Some of the causes of acute dizziness include:

Neurological Disorders: Head and Brain disorders causing dizziness include:

Circulatory Disorder Causes: Various circulatory disorders that cause dizziness or faintness include:

Hypoxia and Dizziness: Respiratory disorders may cause dizziness from lack of oxygen:

Mental Health Disorders: Mental health causes may include:

Ear Disorders: The various ear disorders that may cause dizziness or vertigo include:

Other Disorders: Other causes of dizziness include:

Similar Symptoms: See also the causes of symptoms similar to dizziness, such as:

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