Causes of Dyspareunia

Psychological Causes: Psychological factors that may exacerbate sexual-related pain, although are probably not the only cause, include:

Simple and Physical Causes: Various simple and non-disease causes include:

  • Inadequate foreplay
  • Sexual injury (e.g. internal abrasions from prior rough sex)
  • Allergy to condoms (Latex allergy)
  • Allergy to diaphragms
  • Poorly fitted diaphragm
  • Poorly fitted IUD
  • Spermicide reaction or allergy
  • Douche reaction or allergy
  • Reaction to vaginal cream or deodorant

Vaginal Dryness: The dyspareunia may be caused by poor vaginal lubrication. Vaginal dryness has many possible causes:

Vaginal Pain: Painful issues related to the physical vaginal structure may include:

  • Vaginal scar tissue (e.g. episiotomy scar)
  • Hymen-related (e.g. painful hymen, torn hymen)
  • Imperforate hymen
  • Recent childbirth
  • Vaginal tear
  • Vaginal fibrous adhesion

Gynecological Disorders: Gynecological infections or internal diseases that may cause sexual pain include:

Urinary Tract Disorders: Various disorders of the female urinary tract may lead to urethral pain (near the vagina) or internal pain, such as:

Anorectal Disorders: Various disorders of the anal and rectal regions may cause dyspareunia for vaginal sex, such as:

Other Causes: Other causes of female sexual pain may include:

  • Certain drugs
  • Radiation therapy
  • Psychogenic dyspareunia

Similar Symptoms: See also the causes of these related symptoms:

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