Causes of Excessive Urination

Increased Urine Volume: There are various disorders whereby abnormally large amounts of urine are produced (by the kidneys), which often also results in the need for abnormally frequent urination. Causes of abnormally large volume of urine include:

Additional Risk Factors: Various behavioral or lifestyle factors that can exacerbate urine production, but are not usually enough to cause true polyuria on their own, include:

  • Overhydration (e.g. habitual polydipsia)
  • Excessive caffeine (diuretic effect, coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, “stay awake for studying” type caffeine tablets)
  • High salt diet
  • High sugar diet (glucose ingestion)
  • Alcohol ingestion

Temporary Polyuria: Occasional episodes of transient or temporary polyuria may be caused by:

Urinary Frequency: Causes of urinary frequency, often with normal urine volume or even with reduced urine output (rather than polyuria) include:

See also the main list of causes of urinary frequency.

Urinary Frequency with Polyuria: Disorders that cause urinary frequency along with increased urine volume are basically the same as the full list of the causes of increased urine volume (polyuria). Patients who are producing more urine then have the pressing need to urinate frequently, and also have large volumes. Causes of polyuria include:

Similar Symptoms: See also causes of:

Opposite Disorders: The opposite symptoms include:

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