Flatulence Overview

Flatulence, also called “flatus”, “gas” or “wind”, is a common occurrence that is not necessarily indicative of any disorder. Flatulence may also be associated with other symptoms such as belching, abdominal discomfort, abdominal fullness, and abdominal distention (from flatus).

Common simple causes of abnormal flatulence include dietary issues, particular foods, fizzy drinks, aerophagia (habitual), or simply normal digestion. In some cases there may be an underlying disorder of the digestive tract as a number of gastrointestinal disorders may cause excessive flatulence.

In medical terminology, “flatulence” means gas in the digestive system, which actually includes belching, whereas in common usage the word “flatulence” means only from the other end. In any case, both are related to gas accumulation internally, and many causes of belching are also causes of (anal) flatulence.

There is also “wet flatulence” which is somewhat similar to fecal incontinence. With this condition, the abnormality often relates to the anal leakage of fluid during flatulence, rather than excessive accumulation of gas internally.

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