Hemorrhagic Rash Overview

A hemorrhagic rash is a classic sign of dangerous Meningococcal Disease. It is a particular kind of rash where the small blood vessels bleed under the skin. The start of this rash can look like little red spots (called petechiae), but as more bleeding under the skin occurs, the rashes become more like small areas of red rash under the skin. A hemorrhagic rash needs to be distinguished from other types of under-skin bleeding such as ecchymoses and purpura.

A hemorrhagic rash is a very serious type of rash, because it indicates a number of dangerous conditions, including Meningococcal Septicemia and various hemorrhagic fevers (e.g. dengue fever). Call for immediate medical assistance if Meningococcal Disease is suspected, or see your doctor immediately about a hemorrhagic rash.

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