Causes of Pale stool

Although pale stool is a classic symptom of a variety of serious disorders of the biliary system organs, the possibility of a simpler cause should be considered.

Simple Causes: Changes to stool color can sometimes occur for simple reasons such as:

  • Diet changes
  • Food coloring
  • Certain foods

Nevertheless, pale stool is a serious symptom with various dangerous causes. Unless there is clearly a simple cause, the more severe disorders should be considered.

Biliary Disorders: The main categories of the causes of pale stool or “clay-colored stool” include:

More specific disorders that may cause pale stool include:

Biliary Cancers: Cancerous causes of pale stool include:

Other Causes: Other possible causes of pale stool include:

  • Surgical side-effect (e.g. post-biliary surgery)

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