Types of Rash

Types of Rash: There are many types of rash that need to be distinguished:

Specific Rash Shapes: There are a few skin rashes with a characteristic shape:

  • Butterfly rash (across the nose and both cheeks)
  • Circular rash
  • Bullseye rash (a target-shaped rash with a central area of redness and concentric rings)
  • Radiating rash (outward-directed lines of redness emanating from a central point)

Other Types of Skin Redness: Other than rash, there are various types of skin redness:

Location of Rash: A rash can occur in almost any body location:

  • Facial rash
  • Cheek rash
  • Scalp rash
  • Leg rash
  • Lower leg rash
  • Knee rash
  • Foot rash
  • Arm rash
  • Elbow rash
  • Hand rash
  • Groin rash
  • Genital rash

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