Causes of Reduced Libido

Simple Causes: Some of the simple everyday causes of a reduced libido, lower sex drive, or an otherwise reduced interest in sex include:

Physical Causes: Some of the simple physical (non-psychological) factors that may cause pain and/or a reduced interest in sex include:

Hormonal Changes: The libido in women is closely related to female hormones:

Gynecological Conditions: Various disorders of the female sexual organs may cause reduced libido and/or female sexual pain, such as:

Male Sexual Conditions: Low libido may afflict males, due to various causes, both physical and emotional. Some of the physical causes specific to males include:

Other Disease Causes: Physical disorders and conditions that may cause a reduced libido (in males or females) include:

Psychological Disorders: Mental health conditions causing lower libido include:

Other Causes: Various other causes of a low libido include:

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