Causes of Runny Nose

Common causes of a runny nose include:

Infectious Causes: There are various types of respiratory infections that cause runny nose, such as:

Nearby Infections: Infections in the regions around the nose may cause and be caused by a runny nose:

Other Causes: Other lesser known causes of a runny nose include:

Medical Causes: Other causes of runny nose include:

Other Nasal Discharges: Similar symptoms of nasal discharge (rhinorrhea) that are not usually meant by a “runny nose” in everyday usage include:

One-Sided Nasal Discharge: The usual “runny nose” is bilateral nasal discharge, with discharge from both nostrils. Unilateral nasal discharge is where only one nostril is discharging, with causes such as:

  • Nasal foreign body (something stuck in one nostril)
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Nasal granuloma (Wegener granulomatosis)
  • Nasal tumor
  • Syphilis

Similar Symptoms: See also causes of related symptoms such as:

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