Tingling Overview

Tingling is a nerve sensation symptom that can affect various body areas. Common types are tingling toes and tingling fingers, but almost any area can be affected. The medical term for this type of symptom is paresthesia, which may describe sensation changes ranging from numbness to severe pain-like sensations. Tingling may be related to numbness or partial numbness. Other commonly used descriptions include burning sensations, creeping or crawling sensations, pins-and-needles, and so on. Tingling is usually a type of nerve pain and must be distinguished from other types of pain. Many different causes of tingling are possible, ranging from nerve disorders (causing neuropathy) such as peripheral neuropathy, nerve entrapment disorders, multiple sclerosis, diabetes (undiagnosed or poorly controlled), infections (e.g. shingles) and many other possible causes depending on the location and other symptoms. Any tingling symptom needs prompt professional medical diagnosis.

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