Causes of Vague Symptoms

Simple Causes: There are many possible causes of a vague feeling of unwell. Donít assume that it must be a serious illness. There are many ordinary and everyday causes that can causes various types of mild symptoms, feelings of unwell, lack of motivation, and so on. Some of the simple possibilities include:

Simple Medical Conditions: There are some medical conditions that are common, and can cause vague or mild symptoms.

Serious Causes: There are many possible diseases that cause only mild symptoms. Some progress to more serious symptoms, and some may stay with mild, subclinical symptoms for some time. See your doctor for a full diagnosis. Many of these conditions are easy to overlook and can remain undiagnosed, or be misdiagnosed.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: There are a number of diseases that are sexually transmitted, but can have mild or absent symptoms in some people.

Chronic Infectious Causes: A variety of different infections can cause mild symptoms, or even absent symptoms. In many of these conditions, the condition may remain chronic long-term until the symptoms are diagnosed and the condition treated.

There really is a long list of possible diseases where the early symptoms are mild. See your doctor for a diagnosis if you suspect any type of underlying illness.

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